DIY Professional Photo Wall

Why I love this project

I absolutely love photos – I’m sure there will be many more photo posts to come! But with a passion like this, I often find myself with more photo supply than demand and have to get creative on how to display our best shots! The goal for this project was to bring to life the experience we had on safari to our son’s nursery and to do it ourselves.  Everything!  The photographing, printing, framing, and hanging.  You can find it all below!

Tips before you start

If you haven’t done a lot of picture hanging in general, I have a couple of pieces of advice:

  • Use masking or painter’s tape to mock up the space – measure twice (or more) and hang once
  • Have a good measuring tape, pencil and level always on hand
  • Ensure you use the right kind of nails – these frames had built in hangers, so we used the frame hangers with a nail for extra support
  • Be patient and detail focused – it can be frustrating, time consuming work but it pays off (and saves you from saving 5 minutes during the install and regretting mistakes every time you look at the wall)

Here we go!

You have to start somewhere, so pick the spot of the first painting and just go for it! From there, start hanging each picture one by one, leveling each photo as you hang before continuing to the next. In this case, we chose to have a 2 inch gap between photos both vertically and horizontally, so don’t forget to factor that into the measurements.

Here’s an example of us mocking up the space. You can see that we mocked it up, saw that we wanted it a couple inches higher, and therefore saved ourselves a lot of re-work! The primary measurements you need to ensure the frames are vertically and horizontally aligned are:

  • From the top or bottom of the frame to the hanger or wire on the back
  • From the right or left of the frame to the hanger or wire on the back
  • From the floor to the bottom of the frame
  • Other similar measurements…

The finished product

We put this photo wall above the changing table from Pottery Barn Kids. You can find that here. The eucalyptus is from West Elm (found here). And lastly, the frames are from IKEA – I love the shape of these frames – they do not have glass but the thin plastic is very glass-like. For the price ($15), you really can’t beat this deal! I’ve linked the frame here. And lastly, I printed all of the photos using my new Canon photo printer (currently on sale for $200 off!).

For those of you interested, the photos are all from a safari we did in December 2016 in South Africa on a private game reserve. We were able to rent a large lens at the lodge to get up-close photos of all the wildlife. I’m personally very excited about this wall because it will forever remind me of the fabulous time we had there. I encourage you to find photos that speak to you and remind you of happy memories. It’s amazing how a wall like this can immediately spark the memory (and it’s so fun to speak to our son about the trip)!

Til next time!!

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