How to Create the Most Perfect Dried Flowers

There is nothing better than fresh flowers in the home; however, fresh flowers aren’t always the most convenient or cheapest thing to have around the house (especially when you’re a mom)! 

I think there’s definitely a type of flower that dries the best: the giant hydrangea. Regular hydrangeas tend to dry up in a sad type of way like most other flowers but the giant hydrangea always come out looking fabulous.

In general, I use the following rule of thumb for drying flowers:

  • Buy fresh flowers and keep them in the vase until they stop blooming
  • As soon as they are done blooming (do not let them get to the point of wilting), tie them up with a rubber band (or a hair tie) in the arrangement that you’d like to preserve them
  • Hair spray them (I’d say 12 inches away or so – get a mist on them, not a coat)
  • Hang them upside down and let them dry
  • Once dry, put them in your favorite vase!

I say giant hydrangeas work best because I’ve had a 100% success rate with these particular ones compared with the many others I’ve tried over the years. In case you haven’t looked before, the difference between giant hydrangeas and regular ones is obviously the size – the giant ones are almost the size of 2-3 of the regular ones.  Unfortunately these giants are also about $8 per stem but I promise you the higher price tag is well worth it if you want to have something that lasts! I have gotten many years out of most of these. In Houston, you can procure these at Central Market. Now some regular hydrangeas will work, but it may be a lot of trials before you find those.

To be fair, I’ve also had some success with roses.  I haven’t worked with them as much so it’s hard to say, but I was able to dry my wedding bouquet which was mostly roses and it’s still sitting beautifully in my living room 3 years later in a lovely vase!

Note: The coasters are DIY using the Silhouette Cameo that allows you to print vinyl monograms among other items. More to come on a later post! You can also find a similar tray (currently for 50% off) here.

I hope you found this useful. Let me know if you have any questions!

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