Hi everyone! First of all, thanks for visiting A Lyons Tale! Just a little about me:

Who am I?

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and moved to the U.S. at a young age. My background is in math and finance and currently I work in the oil & gas industry, specializing in oil price modelling. I have a wonderful husband (Mike), a fabulous little toddler (Lincoln), and a fluffy goldendoodle (Ozzie)

Where do I live?

Houston, Texas

What are my interests?

I love to travel and have been traveling most of my life. I love to paint and craft, to seek out new experiences, and to be in the outdoors (I will take a hike any day of the week over a manicure). My husband and I absolutely love drinking and collecting wine (specifically, Napa cabs!) and cooking great food to go with it!

What’s my dream job?

To retire in Napa and live off the land as grape farmers / wine makers

I look forward to getting to know my readers! Please reach out with any questions!

Welcome to A Lyons Tale!

Welcome to A Lyons Tale!

Follow along on my journey to build a life full of endless memories! I hope my creative inspiration and love of decor and travel can inspire more people to seek adventure and activities to keep life ever interesting and fun!

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